Intuit Acquires Level Up Analytics, A Consulting Firm With A Specialty In Data Analytics

Intuit has acquired Level Up Analytics, a Mountain View-based consulting company that focuses on data science, big data and analytics. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. All the employees from the Level Up Analytics team will join Intuit.

In a statement, Intuit described the deal as an “acqui-hire,” its fifth this year. The company did not provide the names of the other consulting firms.

Intuit acquired 14 employees from Level Up Analytics: three founders and 11 scientists, architects, and engineers. In a blog post, Level Up Analytics wrote that its clients include companies in the financial services, advertising, mobile, payments and social networking fields.

The Level Up Analytics team will help build products on top of Intuit’s collective data of more than 45 million customers that ranges from individual purchases and spending habits to business inventories, transactions, and trends.

The company’s web site explains that its core business is to “weave techniques from machine learning, data mining, predictive modeling, graph and social network analysis, natural language processing and software engineering into its products and analyses.” Its clients have used its services to churn analysis, information extraction, data standardization, recommendation systems, data modeling and a host of other services.

Intuit has made several acquisitions this year. In August, the company acquired tax software startup GoodApril.

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